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Bespoke introductions for the over 50's.

Beyond Bespoke

Carpe Diem specialises in introducing ‘like-minded’ individuals with the same core values: educated, mature people who find themselves alone at a stage in their life when they would ideally like companionship and love…

Perhaps their current social circle does not enable them to meet eligible partners, whilst the thought of joining an internet dating site fills them with dread. This is where we can help as we understand how deeply personal finding a partner is.  Our aim is to introduce our Clients to a handpicked selection of potential partners who would fit seamlessly into their lives and be accepted by friends and family. We take tremendous care to make sure our Clients are matched socially, financially and from similar backgrounds. The ‘devil is in the detail’ and it is our priority to get it right. Our Clients tell us this is where we differ from other Agencies, for us it is all about listening and building a relationship with each Client.

Our service is ‘unique’ and specifically tailored to meet your individual needs, assisting you in finding your life partner. We use a variety of methods to enable us to offer you support – we have an extensive network of members and contacts; we do not use internet dating websites and will never place your personal details in the public domain – we are highly discrete and strictly confidential.

Every Client is treated as an individual and each introduction received will be personally selected by a Director of Carpe Diem. Importantly, we work at a pace that suits you. We will give you an unlimited number of introductions throughout your membership period plus we understand how busy and unpredictable life can be so we also offer the option of placing your membership on hold for up to a period of 6 months.  Even after your membership period has finished, if you have not found that special person we will continue to search for you. For us it is all about satisfied clients - not time restraints and numbers; it really matters to us that we find each and every Client a partner.

We are very proud of our high success rate (quite rare in this industry). This is due in part to our stringent selection process when interviewing prospective members. Whilst we can never guarantee personal ‘chemistry’ between two people, by working closely with you, we will endeavour to match the person that we feel best suits your personality, values and lifestyle.  And our professional, knowledgeable and mature staff can demonstrate ‘real life’ experience with a ‘common sense’ but sensitive and understanding approach which will guide you through the entire process.

Our Fees

We are transparent when it comes to billing. You will not find any small print or ‘hidden extras’. We charge a one off fee of £5700 for unlimited introductions.

Every Client is treated as an individual and will receive our total commitment. Our fees cover all services such as advertising, our travel expenses, consultation time, our sourcing methods and any further face-to-face meetings. You will not be asked to pay for any additional costs during your membership.