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I can safely say that the service Sarah offers is unique…

I have tried out one or two introduction agencies over the last few months and I can safely say that the service that Sarah offers is unique. Some agencies are clearly not concerned other than to go through the motions and ensure that each of their subscribers is introduced to a certain number of people over a certain period of time, sometimes seemingly regardless of their compatibility.

Not so Sarah. Not only does she take such great pains to ensure that the person you are matched with does indeed have plenty of common ground with you, but she has managed to attract an unusually high number of “people like us” so that you can be assured that you will be introduced to someone who has a similar background and set of values to you – in my view, the absolutely key component of successful mid-life dating. 

And I have to add, such is Sarah’s amazingly personal and supportive service that we have become good friends and I really do feel that I am discussing my life with a member of my family, not with an agency person.

I have now found the love of my life, I have fallen head over heels in love and can’t quite believe how happy I am and for that I thank Sarah with all my heart.