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I can’t quite believe I have met such a great guy…

I had joined several other agencies and had almost decided to give up, as maybe it just wasn’t going to happen for me. But then a friend recommended I contact you and so I decided to seize the day for the final time. I can’t quite believe that I have met such a great guy. He is a young widower and was as lost as I was, we have so much in common and are so happy and comfortable together and I love him to bits! It is unthinkable that we nearly didn’t meet and I am just so pleased I didn’t give up and trusted you. Your agency really is different from the others, you genuinely care and you seem to intuitively know who belongs with who. I am not prone to gushing, most would describe me as a matter of fact, down to earth type but I really want to jump up and down and whoop! Thank you doesn’t really cover it. Sarah you have changed my life, how do I begin to thank you for that!