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I shall repeat I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE…

Sarah I just had to write you, I am so happy and excited about he future I can hardly sit still! I have fallen in love, that sounds so soppy at my age but it’s true. I shall repeat I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE, with the most beautiful talented woman. I have no idea what she sees in me but know she feels the same. After my wife died I nearly gave up, happy to sit and ponder my wonderful memories of a life lived. I could have left it at that but decided that was the coward’s way. So fate and endless recommendations brought me to your door. We are so happy and in tune with each other and just about to go on a 3 month trip across Africa. Thank you so much from us both, you are very professional and of course excellent at what you do but it is your extraordinary compassion for others that makes it work.