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It is like a dream now! THANK you…

A great big thank you for your advice, help, trouble-shooting and for being a broad shoulder over the last 15 months. Being such an awkward and opinionated chap I would never have dared tell a lady I didn’t fancy her – a go-between was essential – you have been a real friend and constantly brilliant go-between through a variety of awkwardness’s. Mainly I have appreciated the flexibility and freely offered follow-up attitude you provided, nothing was ever a problem. Yours is the only dating arrangement I have ever used simply because I never felt Carpe Diem could be bettered. As you know I seriously dated half a dozen of your introductions; and got cold feet several times. They were all lovely, attractive, genuine, interesting ladies. Thanks to your diplomacy I never fell out with any of them or felt guilty when we broke up. Also – having paid an initial very reasonable fee you never asked me for another penny. I would have coughed-up willingly if you had.

FINALLY – I have, through you, found a true kindred spirit in ‘Jane’ and we intend making it permanent.

This letter is just to say a thousand thank-you’s. You are the best so should you ever want a confidential word of recommendation count on me.