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One recommendation eclipsed all the others when I met Sarah…

I was widowed after 29 years of a very happy marriage. It took some time before I was able to think about meeting someone again. In spite of friends good intentions none of the ladies they introduced to me had that special spark that would mean more than simple friendship. One day a very close friend said if you need any kind of advice or help go to experts – professionals in the subject. I tested the “professional waters” and met some real amateurs! However, one recommendation eclipsed all the others when I met Sarah. My initial interview was friendly, supportive and very professional. The interview was very thorough and filled me with confidence. The second interview took place in my home. That convinced me that I was in trustworthy, safe professional hands. I knew that the process was so thorough and expert that I had full confidence that I would meet someone who would be compatible emotionally, socially and in all other important matters. After several introductions – all of whom were delightful but lacked that special chemistry – Sarah introduced me to “that special lady”. I know from experience that meeting “the special one” would never have happened through chance. I have so much to thank her for, I hardly know where to begin. I received so much support, but most of all for bringing sunshine into my life again.