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Carpe Diem Introductions

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Sarah gave me confidence that I was ‘marketable’…

I joined Carpe Diem following recommendation from a friend who knew someone who had met a lovely man through Sarah. I am a professional woman 56 years old and although still very ‘alive’ I had almost become used to my own company and wasn’t keen to take the risk of starting to see someone, still less keen to form any sort of permanent relationship with a new man. I had exited from a very difficult marriage 2 years previously and with 3 teenage sons, I felt sure that I had far too much baggage anyway; and I felt anxious about spilling the beans about my not inconsiderable past.

Sarah gave me confidence that I was ‘marketable’ and I immediately felt better about myself, and decided to plunge in. The first man I met was charming but not in the right frame of mind, and lived out of Town which made things too difficult with his home commitments. The second man was and is the greatest, funniest, kindest, cleverest, sexiest man a girl could ever wish to meet, and, although my instinct is that he needs his eyes tested, he seems to adore me. We have endless fun together, enjoying all sorts of common interests; and we both get on very well with each other’s children.

I can’t imagine us parting, and although I said I would never get married again……………I’m not quite so sure now.

Thank you Sarah, from the bottom of my heart.

Putney, London