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You allowed masses of time to talk to me and understand what made me tick…

Dear Sarah, We have been married a month, beautiful service in a country church followed by dinner and dancing, a proper party! We had such fun with our families and friends sharing our happiness. Monday will be the second anniversary of your introducing us, you see how much has happened? I came to your agency a few months earlier as a widow, very uncertain if I was doing the right thing, but with your steady encouragement I decided to grasp the opportunity and I couldn’t be happier. You allowed masses of time to talk to me and understand what made me tick, and follow up after an introduction, always answering the phone. Clearly office hours are not your thing! For me it was third time lucky; Peter and I clicked on the first meeting, well done. I’m glad you persuaded me to meet him. Your judgement was perfect even though I had reservations because he was a couple of years younger than me and I thought that mattered. Of course it doesn’t. It’s been complicated and very busy but we have merged two families and look forward to a future together sharing interests and trying new things. We had an early honeymoon walking in France, great idea we were relaxed for the wedding! Planning the Caribbean for a proper honeymoon and, in my later 60s, I am going to learn scuba diving!! Never too late. Carpe diem Thank you from us both.

Cobham Surrey