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You are the best matchmaker in the UK…

Dear Sarah

Please, please put this up on your website and show your clients – prospective or otherwise.  I want them to know how amazing you’ve been.  And I want to offer them hope…!

When I met you I’d been widowed for five years following a long and happy marriage to a wonderful man.   I was in a dark and lonely place and was sceptical that I’d ever meet anyone who could make me happy again – but felt I had to try.  My demands about the type of man I was interested in would have sent most people in your position running.

You introduced me to about fifteen very eligible men.  (Sarah, I was with another very well-known agency before I came to you and in the space of three years I met just a handful!)  Every one matched my criteria; they were all lovely, just not quite ‘right’.

You never gave up on me and I found your observations about dating and relationships so pertinent I grew to trust you totally.  So when you asked me to meet ‘Simon’ I agreed, though my instincts told me not to.  On paper we had nothing in common (and I mean nothing).  He also had a complicated life with pressures which might make a relationship difficult and to top it all he lived 200 miles away!

I liked him but wasn’t sure about meeting him again. (You must have been tearing your hair out).  You persuaded me.  It took three meetings for me to realise I’d finally met the man I want to spend my life with.  We still have nothing in common except for the fact that we’re madly in love, can’t bear to be apart and are making plans for the future.  You have changed my life and I feel so very lucky to have come across you. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s to keep an open mind.  And if there’s another, it is that you are the best matchmaker in the UK.  (Sorry, I’ve gone all soppy…).

Kensington/Shepherds Bush