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You have been a real friend and constantly brilliant go-between…

I am undoubtedly the world’s most difficult Client. I set out on the journey towards a new and lasting relationship after having made a conscious decision to eschew such relationships more than 10 years previously, and to focus entirely on my career. The result – well, treating the whole thing as a business transaction-not necessarily the most constructive way to start a new relationship. And I nearly gave up several times -clearly being out of practise and out of my comfort zone. I have now found something (and someone) I didn’t know existed, which is making me happy in a way I had no idea was available to me. None of this would have happened without Sarah. Using a professional matchmaker might seem the obvious solution, but Sarah never operates within the obvious envelope. She has the talent to spot potential matches (where others perhaps might not), but also she motivates, supports, mentors and provides a shoulder without noticing what time of day it might be. If you are a potential client, hesitating about the cost, I assure you-it’s worth it!’