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Client Testimonials - 2009-2022

Dear Sarah, I just wanted to write to say thank you. Being a widower and father of fairly young children I was very apprehensive about dating. Not just for myself, but for my two children too. In an attempt to reduce this apprehension I set you very specific requirements for the type of lady I would like to meet. Thank you for taking the time to gently persuade me to be less restrictive. If you hadn’t I would never have met Helen.

It is now 16 months since you introduced us, but it has gone so quickly. You were spot on with your description of her as attractive and having that x factor. She is wonderful in so many ways, but mainly, we fit together so well. Thank you, John


Dear Sarah, I want to thank you so much for giving me back a life I thought I would never have again. At 55 and as a widow with a teenage daughter I had given up on finding anyone and was quite happy with my busy life. A friend who had met a partner through you suggested I join Carpe Diem and although I admit I didn't really want to I decided I had nothing to lose and you were kind and you listened and you weren't pushy, you just seemed to understand me. And now here I am 9 months later ready to start a new life with such a lovely man. We are merging families, everyone gets on so well and I realise I was not truly happy before, not like this. I think I am in love, that is the first time I have said that but I am ! Thank you Sarah so very much from us both.


Sarah I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. After my wife died I didn't think I could fall in love again but a friend recommended I contact you. And I so nearly didn't but in the end decided life is for living and although I didn't expect it to work I gave you a call. You were so intuitive and seemed to know exactly the type of woman i'd get on with. I will never forget how excited you were about Janie you couldn't wait for us to meet. After the first conversation we were planning trips to Kenya! It turned out we had friends in common too, I could go on and on. We have so many plans and it's all rather wonderful. I can't quite believe how perfect she is and she seems happy to put up with me. And to think I very nearly wimped out and didn't call you. So thank you for all your time and advice and input, you made it happen and I'll never forget that.


I really wasn't sure I was ready for a new relationship when I met Sarah.  The thought of getting back 'out there' after 30 plus years was daunting - as was any idea of internet dating!  But I felt that Sarah understood me, knew (perhaps more than I did) what I wanted, and would work not only at my pace but with a great deal of support. I met several really interesting guys which helped me question and re-evaluate what I was looking for in a relationship - and then I met Paul  and it all fell into place, we are both so excited (and a bit scared) about the possibility of a future together.  And I can honestly say that I would never have met anyone like him left to my own devices - so a big thank you to you Sarah!

Somerset, London

Hello Sarah

I do hope you are well and still doing your wonderful thing.

T and I are buying a house together and moving later in the year.

Can’t tell you how grateful we are to you- you really are a star, and we will always be glad we took the plunge to ask for your expert help.

You were so kind, and so aware of how vulnerable one feels doing this thing. You were very wise, and so genuinely excited at the idea of us two meeting. After having introduced me to a few very nice men, I suddenly received an URGENT email...telling me he was perfect for me and that I MUST meet him. I did, and he was, and is and always will be.

We are deeply happy and so are all our children, which is so important.

If anyone is unsure as to whether to do this or not....you couldn’t make a better decision.

Hello Sarah, We wanted to let you know our news!!!! The last few months have been such a whirlwind of fun and excitement organising our wedding in Tobago. We are flying off on Christmas Eve to tie the knot on 3/1/2017 on the beach at sunset. What a brilliant start to the New Year. It simply can’t get better than that can it. And to think that it was because of you that we met in the first place. Sometimes it is difficult to believe how far we have come in the past 14 months. And to think I initially didn’t find him attractive but Something inside me told me that he was worth seeing again and WOW was it all worth it!! He is everything and more than I could have ever wished for. Thank you Sarah. Please do tell your clients that sometimes you have to be patient and not to rush into making rash decisions. Your Prince Charming doesn’t always turn up on a white steed - sometimes you have to look through the outer disguise to see the hero inside. This all takes time and trouble. He stopped me running away early on and I am eternally grateful that he did.. I would really like to send you some wedding photographs once we get back. Attached are a few we sent out when the wedding news broke! You did this for us Sarah!! We were both waiting for each other and we needed you to introduce us……

Dear Sarah, We have been married a month, beautiful service in a country church followed by dinner and dancing, a proper party! We had such fun with our families and friends sharing our happiness. Monday will be the second anniversary of your introducing us, you see how much has happened? I came to your agency a few months earlier as a widow, very uncertain if I was doing the right thing, but with your steady encouragement I decided to grasp the opportunity and I couldn’t be happier. You allowed masses of time to talk to me and understand what made me tick, and follow up after an introduction, always answering the phone. Clearly office hours are not your thing! For me it was third time lucky; Peter and I clicked on the first meeting, well done. I’m glad you persuaded me to meet him. Your judgement was perfect even though I had reservations because he was a couple of years younger than me and I thought that mattered. Of course it doesn’t. It’s been complicated and very busy but we have merged two families and look forward to a future together sharing interests and trying new things. We had an early honeymoon walking in France, great idea we were relaxed for the wedding! Planning the Caribbean for a proper honeymoon and, in my later 60s, I am going to learn scuba diving!! Never too late. Carpe diem Thank you from us both.
Cobham Surrey

Hello Sarah, I thought you might like to hear some good news. I am having the most amazing time. Not only is he teaching me how to sail and play golf but we are cycling and skiing together and also learning how to horse ride together from scratch. He is fabulous to me and I am enjoying every day of what can only be described as an amazing relationship. I didn't want to write any sooner as I thought it might jinx everything but I am sure we are not going anywhere now except together. Thank you Sarah for introducing me to a wonderful man who fills my life with love, boundless energy and warmth. Simply brilliant!

Tom and I are now married, very much in love and blissfully happy – thank you SO much for persevering and finding me my perfect match. After Steven died I never thought I would ever find true love again and that I would have to compromise; no compromise necessary thanks to your continued support to find the right man to share the rest of my life with. Life really does begin at 50

Dear Sarah, Well what can I say but thank you so very, very much. John and I were married in April and went to Venice for our honeymoon. Who would have thought that we would be getting married in our 60s and 70s. It really does go to show life is what you make it and we could not be happier...happier in fact than we have ever been. You really do have to Carpe Diem it !

Sarah I know it is still early days but I feel that my search is over. I want to spend the rest of my life with Chrissie, have never been more certain of anything and she feels the same, we couldn’t be happier. I am taking her to the Caribbean for Christmas and we have so many plans for next year. I cannot thank you enough for the role you have played and the care and friendship you have given me.
Epsom, Surrey

Sarah, I sold my house in September and moved in with John and I am ridiculously happy, what can we say but thank you!

I was widowed after 29 years of a very happy marriage. It took some time before I was able to think about meeting someone again. In spite of friends good intentions none of the ladies they introduced to me had that special spark that would mean more than simple friendship. One day a very close friend said if you need any kind of advice or help go to experts – professionals in the subject. I tested the “professional waters” and met some real amateurs! However, one recommendation eclipsed all the others when I met Sarah. My initial interview was friendly, supportive and very professional. The interview was very thorough and filled me with confidence. The second interview took place in my home. That convinced me that I was in trustworthy, safe professional hands. I knew that the process was so thorough and expert that I had full confidence that I would meet someone who would be compatible emotionally, socially and in all other important matters. After several introductions – all of whom were delightful but lacked that special chemistry – Sarah introduced me to “that special lady”. I know from experience that meeting “the special one” would never have happened through chance. I have so much to thank her for, I hardly know where to begin. I received so much support, but most of all for bringing sunshine into my life again.

I genuinely can not believe how happy I am! He has proposed! Who would have though I would be getting married at the ripe old age of 55. I just had to write and thank you Sarah for never giving up on me when everyone else (including me) had.  

I contacted you after being with another agency for a year and so I washed up at your door a rather cynical woman but also not wanting to be on my own anymore. I was tired of holidays with girlfriends or by myself. I wanted adventure but with a companion and I wasn't ready to throw the towel in just yet! So it is all the more remarkable that this cynical woman in her 60s is writing this to you from Paris!! I am here with John and it just feels so right. We are planning our future; Houses, location (the boring bit) but also exciting travel plans. I have met some fascinating people through you, you worked so hard and are always there and I mean always! You must work 24 hours a day. Anyway this is a very happy end to a rather bleak time and it is all down to you. We shall raise a glass tonight.

I had joined several other agencies and had almost decided to give up, as maybe it just wasn't going to happen for me. But then a friend recommended I contact you and so I decided to seize the day for the final time. I can't quite believe that I have met such a great guy. He is a young widower and was as lost as I was, we have so much in common and are so happy and comfortable together and I love him to bits! It is unthinkable that we nearly didn't meet and I am just so pleased I didn't give up and trusted you. Your agency really is different from the others, you genuinely care and you seem to intuitively know who belongs with who. I am not prone to gushing, most would describe me as a matter of fact, down to earth type but I really want to jump up and down and whoop! Thank you doesn't really cover it. Sarah you have changed my life, how do I begin to thank you for that!

Sarah I just had to write you, I am so happy and excited about he future I can hardly sit still! I have fallen in love, that sounds so soppy at my age but it's true. I shall repeat I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE, with the most beautiful talented woman. I have no idea what she sees in me but know she feels the same. After my wife died I nearly gave up, happy to sit and ponder my wonderful memories of a life lived. I could have left it at that but decided that was the coward's way. So fate and endless recommendations brought me to your door. We are so happy and in tune with each other and just about to go on a 3 month trip across Africa. Thank you so much from us both, you are very professional and of course excellent at what you do but it is your extraordinary compassion for others that makes it work.

The message that is loud and clear for anyone dealing with Sarah is the extraordinary effort she puts in to this remarkable task she has taken on. She does her best to get 'inside' each and every one of us and the result is that she matches people up in the most remarkable way. I have been on my own, bringing up 3 children and working for my living, for many years and am now retired and enjoying a full life of great variety, certainly not looking for a mate; but I thought "one last adventure" and Sarah was kind enough to take me on (despite my being over the age limit)and within 48 hours had found for me my soul mate. For me it is unbelievable, I was so independent and content with life as it was, and suddenly sharing everything again and loving it. We are striving, despite difficult geography, to find somewhere we can live together rather than separately. Thank you Sarah, you have totally changed my life, and certainly for the better.
Dorset, London

I was very keen to sign up, having heard of a recent success achieved by Sarah. I could not have been more delighted and impressed. It can be a tad daunting for a man entering uncharted waters but Sarah puts an enormous effort in all she does, and, in particular, she provides great support along the way. Her enthusiasm and positive thinking is hugely welcome. I felt that she was taking a really personal interest in finding a successful outcome for me . And she has done just that !!! I have found a woman I have been searching my whole life for.
Guilford, Surrey

Sarah do you remember when you came to see me? I told you how impossible I would be to match. I had a full busy life and doubted I even had time for a man, let alone finding one attractive! I still can't believe what has happened, I am so ridiculously happy my friends want to slap me. Although married and divorced I honestly don't think I have ever really been in love before. At the grand age of 60 I can finally say I have fallen in love. We are planning a round the world trip, before our knees give out. Thank you doesn't really cover it. I am so appreciative of all the time and care you gave me. I genuinely felt you wanted this to happen as much as I did. You were recommended by friends and to think I nearly didn't join, it has made me realise that you really need to grab life and go for it It is so easy to settle for what we have, I thank God I didn't.
West Sussex

I have tried out one or two introduction agencies over the last few months and I can safely say that the service that Sarah offers is unique. Some agencies are clearly not concerned other than to go through the motions and ensure that each of their subscribers is introduced to a certain number of people over a certain period of time, sometimes seemingly regardless of their compatibility.

Not so Sarah. Not only does she take such great pains to ensure that the person you are matched with does indeed have plenty of common ground with you, but she has managed to attract an unusually high number of “people like us” so that you can be assured that you will be introduced to someone who has a similar background and set of values to you – in my view, the absolutely key component of successful mid-life dating. 

And I have to add, such is Sarah’s amazingly personal and supportive service that we have become good friends and I really do feel that I am discussing my life with a member of my family, not with an agency person.

I have now found the love of my life, I have fallen head over heels in love and can't quite believe how happy I am and for that I thank Sarah with all my heart. 

Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am that you were able to introduce me to Karen earlier this year; nor how happy I now am. Beyond letting you know that you had scored ‘a direct hit’, I am conscious that I may not have given you much feedback at the time. This is because everything has just been perfect from the first day I met Karen. There has been no looking back. She is clever, pretty and fun. We love spending our time together. So much so in fact, that we have now moved in together. We want the same things in life. We think the same way. Karen has 3 lovely boys who seem to have accepted me in just the same way that Karen has accepted my son and daughter. We are now one big family and looking forward to our first Christmas and New Year together. Quite simply she is everything that I could ever want in a partner, she is perfect.'

Just to express my deep, deep thanks for putting me in the path of Susan. What a truly lovely Lady. It has been nearly a year and we're still on cloud nine. We've had great fun together and covered a lot of ground. Namely, Cyprus to USA to Caymans to Bahamas and more local. Though basic interests are miles apart we just get on so well learning from each other in all facets of our not so different lives. Turned my world completely upside down and back again. We both owe you a great thank you.

I joined Carpe Diem following recommendation from a friend who knew someone who had met a lovely man through Sarah. I am a professional woman 56 years old and although still very 'alive' I had almost become used to my own company and wasn't keen to take the risk of starting to see someone, still less keen to form any sort of permanent relationship with a new man. I had exited from a very difficult marriage 2 years previously and with 3 teenage sons, I felt sure that I had far too much baggage anyway; and I felt anxious about spilling the beans about my not inconsiderable past.

Sarah gave me confidence that I was 'marketable' and I immediately felt better about myself, and decided to plunge in. The first man I met was charming but not in the right frame of mind, and lived out of Town which made things too difficult with his home commitments. The second man was and is the greatest, funniest, kindest, cleverest, sexiest man a girl could ever wish to meet, and, although my instinct is that he needs his eyes tested, he seems to adore me. We have endless fun together, enjoying all sorts of common interests; and we both get on very well with each other’s children.

I can't imagine us parting, and although I said I would never get married again...............I'm not quite so sure now.

Thank you Sarah, from the bottom of my heart.
Putney, London

Just to let you know we got married yesterday in a quiet ceremony with close friends and family…I couldn’t be happier, I didn’t think I would be getting married again in my 50s…I can’t thank you enough, you went out of your way to help, understand and support me. My life has turned around, I feel guilty being this happy...for always being in my corner…thank you so very, very, much.'
East Sussex

After 46 years of very happy marriage, I lost my wife to cancer and was devastated. Some 18 months later, realising I still had a need for a caring relationship I tentatively contacted Carpe Diem. Sarah was so easy to talk to and understood how difficult it was for a professional gentleman over 60 to re-enter the dating world. After two meetings I had gained sufficient confidence in Sarah to believe she would do her best to help me find a lady with whom I could develop a caring relationship. Hence I took a deep breath and took the plunge and signed up - what a good thing I did!

Over the next three months I was introduced to a number of charming women but no ‘magic’- Sarah persuaded me to be persistent and continue - again what a good thing I did!

As soon as I meet the new lady in my life, I knew instantly, she is everything I could have wished for including that ‘magic’ and we are now planning our new life together.

Starting the process was a little daunting and being persistent required Sarah’s gentle persuasion, but how it paid off. We can’t imagine our lives without each other. Sarah, from both of us, thank you so very much.

Four months on…

Just back from a cruise-had a wonderful time, Helen is still gorgeous, has sold her house in Kenilworth and now lives here with me - as I said to one staid old lady at the golf club "how delicious to be living in sin at my age!" She becomes legit in November but neither of us cares, we are both so happy.
St Albans , Herts

Dear Sarah

Please, please put this up on your website and show your clients – prospective or otherwise.  I want them to know how amazing you’ve been.  And I want to offer them hope…!

When I met you I’d been widowed for five years following a long and happy marriage to a wonderful man.   I was in a dark and lonely place and was sceptical that I’d ever meet anyone who could make me happy again - but felt I had to try.  My demands about the type of man I was interested in would have sent most people in your position running.

You introduced me to about fifteen very eligible men.  (Sarah, I was with another very well-known agency before I came to you and in the space of three years I met just a handful!)  Every one matched my criteria; they were all lovely, just not quite ‘right’.

You never gave up on me and I found your observations about dating and relationships so pertinent I grew to trust you totally.  So when you asked me to meet ‘Simon’ I agreed, though my instincts told me not to.  On paper we had nothing in common (and I mean nothing).  He also had a complicated life with pressures which might make a relationship difficult and to top it all he lived 200 miles away!

I liked him but wasn’t sure about meeting him again. (You must have been tearing your hair out).  You persuaded me.  It took three meetings for me to realise I’d finally met the man I want to spend my life with.  We still have nothing in common except for the fact that we’re madly in love, can’t bear to be apart and are making plans for the future.  You have changed my life and I feel so very lucky to have come across you. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s to keep an open mind.  And if there’s another, it is that you are the best matchmaker in the UK.  (Sorry, I’ve gone all soppy…).
Kensington/Shepherds Bush

Just when I thought my chances of finding my soul mate were passing me by, up came my trump card so carefully dealt by Sarah. Where other agencies had been unable to find a good match for me, Sarah’s brilliant intuition and personal touch very quickly resulted in my meeting a delightful lady I adore and hope to spend the rest of my life with.

Sarah, thank you so much for introducing me to Richard and providing such an impeccable service. Having tried other Introduction Agencies, I can say without doubt that yours is the best. It was such a relief to have met you. I believe you have a natural gift of getting to the heart of the matter! You are kind, intuitive and perceptively understanding of what makes a person tick and perhaps gel and connect with someone else. For you I believe it is not just a business, you really care about people. I have not found this before with any other agency.

I am now happily settled with Richard and we both wish to thank you and would highly recommend you to others.'
London, Herefordshire

Much excitement, Michael and I are buying a farmhouse together on Chichester harbour! Exchange next week! Our very own country retreat and mini farm only 15 acres but ponds and wild life etc. All our children get on so well. It is like a dream now! THANK you.
Chelsea, London

A great big thank you for your advice, help, trouble-shooting and for being a broad shoulder over the last 15 months. Being such an awkward and opinionated chap I would never have dared tell a lady I didn't fancy her - a go-between was essential - you have been a real friend and constantly brilliant go-between through a variety of awkwardness’s. Mainly I have appreciated the flexibility and freely offered follow-up attitude you provided, nothing was ever a problem. Yours is the only dating arrangement I have ever used simply because I never felt Carpe Diem could be bettered. As you know I seriously dated half a dozen of your introductions; and got cold feet several times. They were all lovely, attractive, genuine, interesting ladies. Thanks to your diplomacy I never fell out with any of them or felt guilty when we broke up. Also - having paid an initial very reasonable fee you never asked me for another penny. I would have coughed-up willingly if you had.

FINALLY - I have, through you, found a true kindred spirit in 'Jane' and we intend making it permanent.

This letter is just to say a thousand thank-you’s. You are the best so should you ever want a confidential word of recommendation count on me.

I am undoubtedly the world’s most difficult Client. I set out on the journey towards a new and lasting relationship after having made a conscious decision to eschew such relationships more than 10 years previously, and to focus entirely on my career. The result - well, treating the whole thing as a business transaction-not necessarily the most constructive way to start a new relationship. And I nearly gave up several times -clearly being out of practise and out of my comfort zone. I have now found something (and someone) I didn’t know existed, which is making me happy in a way I had no idea was available to me. None of this would have happened without Sarah. Using a professional matchmaker might seem the obvious solution, but Sarah never operates within the obvious envelope. She has the talent to spot potential matches (where others perhaps might not), but also she motivates, supports, mentors and provides a shoulder without noticing what time of day it might be. If you are a potential client, hesitating about the cost, I assure you-it’s worth it!’

Sarah, I am not just happy, I am extremely happy! Like I had forgotten I could be. I must say the whole thing did take me by surprise as I would never have thought Numero Uno would be the one! But he is just so lovely, down to earth, funny, very considerate, quite organised for a man, nothing seems to faze him, we can talk about anything and everything (he's a very good listener - which is good as I can talk for England!), the list can go on and on……….And I have stopped behaving like a complete airhead at work (honestly I felt like a teenager in love for the first time and couldn't concentrate at work!).
France, England

Nearly three years ago my life as I knew it imploded. My husband whom I still adored suffered a massive coronary. He was only 53 and so it seemed in perfect health. We were happy together and he was my best friend. We could finish each other's sentences. We had been married since 1989 and we had two sons. We were utterly devoted to each other and had never looked at another person since we met in 1985.

I spent two years in a haze of anxiety, depression and breakdown. My children survived but not because of me. Somehow or other last Spring I managed to sell our house which was haunted for me by terrible sadness and ghosts of what should have been. I bought another home for us in London free of memory. At some point a dear friend sent me The Spectator with a note saying "one day you should get in touch with this person". ‘This person’ was Sarah of Carpe Diem.

I moved house and waited to feel better and very slowly I did start to feel stronger. But my self-confidence was at rock bottom. I had no new clothes and I barely went out or entertained or wore make-up. Then one day I picked up my copy of The Spectator and there was the advertisement for Carpe Diem winking at me. I took a huge terrified breath and rang Sarah.

Instantly I felt drawn to her and trusted her. It was ABSOLUTELY that she did not care about the fee; only that she understood my sadness and seemed to want to hold out the hand of friendship to me. No-one else seemed to care that I was only in my early 50s and had no-one in my life other than my sons. And it was not enough to spend my life like that.

I loved talking to her and she made it clear that I could take my own time over this. I left it for weeks and thought about it.  She did not call me which I deeply appreciated. I rang her again and we met for coffee close to my home and I liked her even more. I thought, as I still believe, that she truly CARED about what would happen. I recall asking her if there was any chance I might be able to meet someone again. I trusted her to say that I needed to change and do whatever was necessary. But she said I was fine as I was. Then she came to see me in my home which is SO important because she could see what I like, my style, that I love books, my garden etc.

I felt in the safest possible hands. I felt that she would protect me and my boys, that she would always look out for my happiness and theirs and that there was no risk. She made it clear that I could set the pace and go slowly as I had been out of circulation forever. But she made me feel that I could be attractive again and loved and find someone to love. She did not make any silly promises or any assurances; only that we could make this journey together.

I met three men very simply and innocently and when for whatever reason there was no chemistry Sarah simply handled the situation so that I was relieved of all worry and anxiety. Now it’s possible that I have met someone, we have huge amounts in common and there is a chance that we may go forward together. There is every possibility that I am going to be able to love someone again which hitherto had been out of the question.

I cannot say how happy I am now and equally happy to have met Sarah. Whatever happen, my life is richer emotionally than it was and without her there was just an emotional desert ahead of me. Now there is an oasis and a dream rather than a nightmare.

I would have trusted her with my life. I feel her intuition, her real CARE and most of all I trust her to protect me and my sons ….. and I am so fortunate to have made contact with her.
One year on…


Sarah, I had to write to say hands up, I was wrong, you were right. I really didn't think that in my fifties men my own age would be interested. The media and my girlfriends all told me attractive, educated, successful men wanted younger models. They were all so wrong! I have met some gorgeous interesting chaps for supper and lazy days out. As you know, I'm now seeing a lovely man. We have so much in common, the same values and background and he is three years younger than me! Thanks so much for all your kindness and patience; you have made a quite terrifying journey rather fun!
Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Dear Sarah

A big thank you to Carpe Diem and especially to you personally. As you know, I was slightly nervous about the concept to start with and you did a great deal to make me feel confident about the idea. You have a natural empathy with Clients, so it was scarcely a surprise when you introduced me to two very nice women within a short time of my joining. I'm very happy to say that already one of those introductions looks as if it may lead to something more. I think your attention to detail and drawing up a real "compatibility specification" made a big difference. You also helped to steer me through the initial contact and meeting stages with sympathetic tips and encouragement. With many thanks for an excellent, professional and personal service.
Corsham, Wiltshire

'This is fantastic, Sarah! You have introduced me to some of the most affluent attractive men I have met in years. I must say that the calibre of chaps I have met through Carpe Diem has been quite outstanding...a really genuine bespoke service, just as you advertise.
Kensington, London

Sarah, I thought you would like to hear that things are still going so well. It is quite extraordinary that John, the first gentleman I met, was everything I was looking for in a partner. I have been on my own for many years and thought finding the right chap was going to be an uphill struggle. I know you saw many men before finally introducing him to me, but it was worth the wait. We have only been with each other a few months but it feels like we have known each other for years. I can't thank you enough for the patience and understanding you showed; you were so helpful and kind and it really felt like you cared.
Salisbury, Wiltshire