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Why it works

Success is notoriously difficult in the matchmaking industry. However, we’re proud to say that 80% of Carpe Diem clients find a partner as a result of their membership. We believe this is due to the values and philosophy behind the process.


Less is more when it comes to introductions for the over 50s

We are unable to accept all of the potential clients that approach us. We firmly believe it is better to turn someone away than to let them down. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do. Sarah spends time looking at everyone individually, thinking about what makes them tick and most importantly – who will make them happy. She knows her clients have busy, full lives, so ensures that Carpe Diem does the filtering so that they don’t have to.

The aim when arranging bespoke introductions is quality over quantity.

“It is quite extraordinary that John, the first gentleman I met, was everything I was looking for in a partner. I have been on my own for many years and thought finding the right chap was going to be an uphill struggle. I know you saw many men before finally introducing him to me, but it was worth the wait. I can’t thank you enough for the patience and understanding you showed; you were so helpful and kind and it really felt like you cared.”


Mature matchmaking is an art not a science

Modern technology is a thing of wonder, but you can’t rely on an algorithm to help you find a life partner. Carpe Diem places a great emphasis on compatibility traits, but not to the extent that Sarah ignores her sense of intuition – after meeting clients face-to-face, she often gets a ‘gut feeling’ about which matches have potential. When we present you with a new introduction, we want you to feel you’ve just been given a handmade pair of artisan shoes… the perfect fit.

“Just when I thought my chances of finding my soul mate were passing me by, up came my trump card so carefully dealt by Sarah. Where other agencies had been unable to find a good match for me, Sarah’s brilliant intuition and personal touch very quickly resulted in my meeting a delightful lady I adore and hope to spend the rest of my life with.”


Trust is everything when dating over 50

Meeting someone when you’ve been on your own for a while can feel daunting – finding a match will only be successful if there is trust and honesty throughout the process. We provide clients with a safe space to share their anxieties and be as candid as possible about what they do and don’t want in a partner. Once trust is established, we then encourage them to put any pre-conceptions to one side and embrace the opportunity behind every potential introduction.

“Being a widower and father of fairly young children I was very apprehensive about dating. Not just for myself, but for my two children too. In an attempt to reduce this apprehension I set you very specific requirements for the type of lady I would like to meet. Thank you for taking the time to gently persuade me to be less restrictive. If you hadn’t I would never have met Helen. You were spot on with your description of her as attractive and having that x factor. She is wonderful in so many ways, but mainly, we fit together so well.”

Successfully matching the over 50s since 2009